Dambach la Ville: The estate provides a little train for visitors, taking them on a pleasant ride through the town centre to the vineyard hillsides.

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Haut Koenigsbourg: Dominating the Plain of Alsace, Haut Koenigsbourg is the best-known middle-age castle in Alsace and is one its most visited monuments. It has been completely restored since 1900.

Kintzheim: The Volerie des Aigles (Where Eagles Fly) gives visitors a unique opportunity to observe and admire the world’s most beautiful birds of prey.

Strasbourg: with its wonderful cathedral carved like lacework, Strasbourg is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. For its history, gastronomy and way of life, Strasbourg definitely merits a visit!

Dambach La Ville Haut-Koenigsbourg volerie des aigles Strasbourg